Rahul Gopinath
Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia. ശ്രീദേവി's Dad. I work in the junction between Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. Interested in Program Analysis, Automatic Repair, Mutation Analysis, Specification Mining, Grammar Based Generators and Parsing. My website is at https://rahul.gopinath.org

At SAPLING'23 #SAPLING #SAPLING23. Thanks to Julian for capturing this image.

SAPLING Francois Gauthier from Oracle Labs is talking about /Runtime and Software Supply Chain Security Research at Oracle Labs/ called RASPunzel. This is of a huge interest to me as my student worked on a related project called Macaron from Oracle Labs. #SAPLING #SAPLING23

SAPLING also has Software Testing! Yanqi Su (ANU) is now talking about /Constructing a System Knowledge Graph of User Tasks and Failures from Bug Reports to Support Soap Opera Testing/ #SAPLING23 #SAPLING

For those who are attending SAPLING I am giving a talk today called "Dancing to Unknown Music: Learning Black-Box Program Input Grammars with Prefix Queries". See you there.


Running LLMs from a single file! With LLamaFile from Mozilla. All you need is 

curl -LO https://huggingface.co/jartine/llava-v1.5-7B-GGUF/resolve/main/llamafile-server-0.1-llava-v1.5-7b-q4
chmod 755 llamafile-server-0.1-llava-v1.5-7b-q4

Now, I am waiting for an easy way to finetune an LLM from a Mac (this is mostly doable now) or using a CPU, and we will soon be within reach of the world of custom agents promised by @cstross

Only 4 more days left to go for [SBFT'24 fuzzing competition](https://sbft24.github.io/tools/fuzzing). Please apply if you have a fuzzer that can beat the world competition!

A great survey about use of large language models in software engineering from Fan et al. here.

If you are a researcher in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Systems, or AI/ML we would love to have you at University of Sydney! Please apply here, and do please reach out if you have any questions. #USyd

Part of our cybersecurity training we have to undergo at USyd. But is this quite right? surely if I am following all other recommendations, including my personal details in my /password/ makes it easier to remember, makes it longer, while harder for dictionary attacks to succeed?

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