Rahul Gopinath
Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia. ശ്രീദേവി's Dad. I work in the junction between Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. Interested in Program Analysis, Automatic Repair, Mutation Analysis, Specification Mining, Grammar Based Generators and Parsing. My website is at https://rahul.gopinath.org

Paris is investing billions into public housing to keep lower income Parisians in the city.  Having recently had to move an hour's travel away from the University of Sydney due to affordability and increase in rent, I wish Sydney/Australia could do some thing like this to help its residents.


Pet peeve; those websites that log me out after a few minutes of inactivity, and redirect me to their login page. Now I have no way to remember what I was doing in that page anymore.

Claude Opus feels so much like chatting to an single coherent entity than GPT-4 is and was before when it was less constrained. It is also the first entity that is consistent in its responses, and does not feel like it is a random persona with each thread!

This iteration feels so much like the change observed when chess engines started to overshoot human capability.

As a PC member, did you ever get a mail from an author pointing you to their “interesting” submission so you can bid on it and review it? At ICSE, such behavior will now result in the paper being rejected without review:

Domestic 🇦🇺 student curious about an Engineering #PhD at UNSW
or U Sydney? Learn how research degrees can make a meaningful, real-world impact, and open the door to career opportunities, in this event chaired by Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NSW Chief Scientist

📅 March 12, 5:30pm
🔗 eventbrite.com.au/e/engineerin
📍 Location: Engineers Australia, Mezzanine Level 44, Market St, Sydney NSW 2000

It seems John Walker, the founder of Autodesk has died. As a Civil Engineering Bachelors student, AutoLisp (in AutoCad) was my introduction to computer science. RIP.

At Australasian Software Engineering Summer School (ASESS) 2024.

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