Rahul Gopinath
Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia. ശ്രീദേവി's Dad. I work in the junction between Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. Interested in Program Analysis, Automatic Repair, Mutation Analysis, Specification Mining, Grammar Based Generators and Parsing. My website is at https://rahul.gopinath.org

Thank you Naveen and Deb from Macquarie cloud services for the wonderful talk at SOFT3202 today!

Thank you Naveen and Deb for the wonderful talk at SOFT3202 today!

I am not sure what the cause is, but an extraordinarily large number of personal sites seem to have been blocked by Telstra in Sydney, for no reason I can find.  For example, this site: https://denislearns.tech/building-python-asyncio is blocked by Telstra with a scary warning like below:

image.png 23.38 KB

But there is nothing malicious about that website. The archive link is https://archive.is/CNtqc which shows a very reasonable personal blog.

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Ah, the joy of finding your own articles in actual print! (CACM magazine; PDF here: dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3631520)

Pet peeve; I have a fair number of applications open in multiple machines. When something beeps due to some activity, I have no way of knowing which application it was. I wish that the operating system (MacOS in this case) gave me some way to identify which application beeped.

Seems training your users to work around your buggy software is a thing. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to work around buggy Microsoft office :(. The latest one is the disappearing email. Write a detailed email, and *poof* it is gone.

Here‘s the #CISPA / Andreas Zeller team visiting the ICSE conference in Lisbon - with Laura Plein, Jordan Samhi, Leon Bettscheider, Bernd Gruner, and Rafael Dutra

Paris is investing billions into public housing to keep lower income Parisians in the city.  Having recently had to move an hour's travel away from the University of Sydney due to affordability and increase in rent, I wish Sydney/Australia could do some thing like this to help its residents.