Rahul Gopinath
Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia. ശ്രീദേവി's Dad. I work in the junction between Software Engineering and Cybersecurity. Interested in Program Analysis, Automatic Repair, Mutation Analysis, Specification Mining, Grammar Based Generators and Parsing. My website is at https://rahul.gopinath.org

I feel like I am missing something very basic in Mac Ventura. Why am I unable to sort my files alphabetically? I have tried every option there is as suggested by google and stackoverflow answers, and I certainly am not using groups. #macos #userhostile

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The fediverse observer (https://fediverse.observer/map) is a map of all fediverse instances in the world.


I really wish #Zotero, and several other programs will just let me type in #markdown, and not automatically format the text. I do not want the particular changes in font and color with auto-formating that these programs provide, and I am really happy with plaintext and unadorned markdown. To make matters worse, when I copy these formatted text elsewhere, the original markdown is completely stripped.

How to create the nastiest test inputs ever: My ten-minute #NeverWorkInTheory talk on automated software testing is now available at youtube.com/watch?v=GCy8bYJ_G0

We are hiring an associate professor (tenured) in #SoftwareEngineering (any subdomain) in our team (ACES) at @TelecomParis. Come join us! Application deadline: September 4, 2023. (Contact me for any question.) institutminestelecom.recruitee

Look I'm not gonna lie, my friends and I are going to require an absolute truckload of grant money to mitigate the literal species-level existential threats associated with this thing we claim to be making; this is how you know we are deeply serious people btw

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Why does this have to be so user-hostile?  The default paste when copying formatted text should be to match the destination formatting. Not the source formatting, and paste is one of the most important functionalities in modern word processing. I wish they would provide at least some option to change these short cuts #microsoft #msword #macos #userhostile

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More visitors at University of Sydney.  Tural Mammadov and Jurgen Cito (1 & 3) with me, Xi Wu and Huaming Chen (2, 4 & 5).

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August Shi (https://sites.utexas.edu/august/) talking about Flaky Tests at University of Sydney.

How do you fuzz code that cannot be instrumented, e.g. on an embedded system? It turns out you can use GDB for that!

👉 Check out our upcoming “GDBFuzz” @issta_conf paper at

👉 GDBFuzz is available as open source at github.com/boschresearch/gdbfu