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We had a visitor to our group yesterday! Prasad Calyam from University of Missouri with Ankit, Antriksh, and Jack.

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#UsydSE #USyd

The final workshop of High School Fellowship from University of Sydney School of Computer Science is here.  A shoutout to @ccanonne and Ankit Kapoor for the excellent leadership in this program!  #HSFP23 #CSHIGH #USyd #USydCS Note: The pictures of this event will be posted at https://cshigh-eng.sydney.edu.au when it comes online.

If you are a researcher in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Systems, or AI/ML we would love to have you at University of Sydney! Please apply here, and do please reach out if you have any questions. #USyd

We ( @ccanonne@mastodon.xyz and I) are organizing the High School Fellowship 2023 from School of Computer Science, University of Sydney. Saturday was our first welcome event, attended by 50 high school students of high caliber and their parents.

Looking forward to the rest of the semester #usyd

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More visitors at University of Sydney.  Tural Mammadov and Jurgen Cito (1 & 3) with me, Xi Wu and Huaming Chen (2, 4 & 5). #USyd #USydSE

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August Shi (https://sites.utexas.edu/august/) talking about Flaky Tests at University of Sydney. #USyd #USydSE

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Dr. Subhajit Roy (https://www.cse.iitk.ac.in/users/subhajit/) speaking at our SE group at University of Sydney. #USyd #USydSE

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Dr. Sandeep Kuttal (https://www.csc.ncsu.edu/people/skuttal) presenting her work on "Bridging Programmers' Collaboration Gaps with Intelligent Programmer-Centric Systems" at the Basser seminar at University of Sydney. #USyd #USydSE

To those who are struggling with Microsoft's outlook, please give #mutt http://www.mutt.org/ a try. It works very well with outlook (beyond some configuration), has sane searching capabilities, and does exactly what you want it to do. I have been using it to survive email in #usyd.